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REactor 19th-25th May 2012

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Conference and Workshops on Media in Youth Work with disadvantaged children

Aim: to focus on youth work with media and new information technologies, sharing
results, information and creating a learning forum. The key element of the meeting is
the concept of active and expressive media literacy as an innovative methodology in
youth work and human rights education. This concept is to be discussed through
results and examples.


OCEANS AGM 13th-14th July 2012

Is Facebook for free? How can I protect my data? How to track my own digital footprint within the infinite space of data that the internet offers?

The two-day event gathers around 80 participants: representatives of the European Commission, the UNDP, active members, as well as university staff all meet to discuss the activities of OCEANS. The main topic this year is SOCIAL MEDIA and the event features workshop sessions on different topics and cultural programme to strengthen the networking ties among members and introduce them to the host city and the culture of the host country.

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