Brighton & Hove for yp who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure (LGBTU). information, services & news for residents & visitors to Brighton & Hove. Brighton & Hove Parent’s Forum connecting parents and carers. CAMHS – Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services Dv8 is a community organisation delivering training projects in creative & media Women, children & young people offers support & services for the families, friends & carers of adult substance misusers Weekly meetings in Brighton using 12 Steps of Recovery mental &  emotional wellbeing for 16-25 year olds Helping to keep children safe Info on sex & sexual health TAPAS – Teen to Adult Personal Advisors work with vulnerable 14-25 year olds and are based in the Youth Hubs. Alcohol Peer Support The WISE Project is a service for 13-25 year olds who are experiencing sexual exploitation or are at risk of experiencing it. Facts, help, stories. Support services for YP in B&H