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September 2013 Drug Alert – Red Buzz – please see ALERTS tab.

September 2013 BHCC are launching The Big Parenting Debate on 16th September 2013. This scheme asks local parents, carers and grandparents to give their views on parenting. Click on link to find out more

July 2013 Thursday, 25th July 2013, 9.30am – 4.30pm. A one-day free conference for families and professionals. Hear how families are affected by drugs and alcohol and how they recover. Click on Silent Voices link to find out more Silent Voices

July 2013 Study by Imperial College London, UCL and Kings College London has found long term cannabis use may blunt the brains motivation system. Click on link to find out more

June 2013 On 26th June 2013, on the UN’s ‘World Drug Day’, Mentor International is launching phase one of the Prevention Hub; the first online service to support global drug prevention work with children and young people | Mentor International, UK.  Link here

2013 Report from Adfam looks at drug & alcohol-related stigma through the eyes of the family – parents, partners, children & siblings (Challenging stigma: tackling the prejudice experienced by the families of drug and alcohol users.

October 2012 Between a rock and a hard place, Report by Adfam and AVA; how parents deal with children who use substances and perpetrate abuse.

September 2012 The SWISH App for Contraception and Sexual Health Services in Brighton & Hove is ready to download

August 2012 University of Bath is conducting an academic study in the field of alcohol consumption, looking at prospective changes in the UK market.  Five minute survey can be found at

July 2012 ru-ok YPSMS Parent/Carer Group Tuesday 3rd July 6.15pm to 8.30pm “The Cycle of Change (how change is achieved)”

May 2012 How prickly are you?  The British Association of Anger Management & Beating Anger have recently launched their anger test online.
The Fourth UK Recover Walk – Brighton & Hove Saturday 29th September

April 2012 To find out more about LGBT community Safety and hate incidents, please visit:

  • Brighton & Hove’s Big Alcohol Debate asked what YOU think about drinking in the City – and what you think needs to change. See youtube link BigAlcoholDebate
  • HAGA has launched DontBottleItUp, a website that allows visitors to work out the level of risk they are at as a result of their drinking and access personalised advice online
  • 2012.05.17 IDagainstHT International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.
  • Methoxetamine (MXE or Mexxy) is the first ‘legal high’ to be banned in the UK using the new Temporary Class Drug Order as of yesterday. Using new Temporary Class Drug Order the government has made MXE illegal for up to 12 months while it’s decided if it should be permanently controlled. Those caught making, supplying or importing the drug face up to 14-years in prison and an unlimited fine under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

March 2012 Put effective drugs education on the National Curriculum e-petition at

February 2012 ‘Don’t let drink sneak up on you’ – new Change4Life alcohol campaign launched

January 2012 Dealing with the problems of late night drinking – your opinion counts.  Follow link to Govt consultation