What’s the point in me talking to you?  You’ll just tell me to quit won’t you?

We’re a team of professional substance misuse workers, social workers, doctors and nurses. Yes, we have your best interests at heart but we’re impartial, so you can talk to us openly about your drug or alcohol use. We won’t lecture you or tell you to stop.  It’s your life.

Yeah right, then you’ll just tell my parents / carers or the police won’t you?

We respect your right to privacy.  Everything you tell us will be kept confidential, which means we won’t share it with anyone unless you want us to (there are a few exceptions –  please read our confidentiality and information sharing policy).

What help can you give me?

We will listen to you and help you make informed choices about drugs and alcohol, so you can recognise and address how they’re affecting other areas of your life. We can help you get your life sorted how you want it to be, by offering you support with home, school, housing, health, relationships, confidence issues and more.

What happens if I contact you?

When you contact us, the first thing we will do is arrange to meet with you. Then we’ll work out what problems alcohol or drugs are causing in your life and we’ll create a support plan to tackle these. We’ll do this together with you, at your pace.

You’ll think I’m stupid won’t you?

No we won’t. We’ll respect you for who you are.  We are here to listen to you and to support you.  We will never judge you.  We are always willing to be flexible to meet your needs.  All of the team have a lot of experience of working with young people.  We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think you were worth it.

Won’t people think I’m a druggie if they see me going into your building?

No – we share the building with other youth agencies, including YOS, FFT and YES which means you could be coming in for any number of non drug related reasons.  The Youth Advice centre (YAC) is in the building opposite. We can also meet you somewhere else, like a cafe, if you prefer (though not the first time).

Can someone come with me?

Yes. You’re welcome to bring a friend, a family member or carer or a key worker with you if you’d like.  It’s up to you.

How do I make an appointment?

It’s easy – either phone us on 01273 293966, email us at or simply drop into the building. We are located in Regency Road (the West Street end) as you approach the entrance to Churchill Square car park.

What if I’m over 18?

If you’re over 18, Pavilions provides adult Drug & Alcohol Services for Brighton & Hove. Support is available to anyone concerned about their drug or alcohol use, or for the families & carers supporting those struggling with substance misuse. Anyone can call the Pavilions helpline on 0800 014 9819, for information and advice 24 hours a day or attend a drop in at Richmond House, Richmond Road, Brighton, BN2 3RL

Drop in opening times:

Monday – Friday 10am-4pm

Thursday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-1pm

What if I live outside of Brighton and Hove?

If you live outside of the Brighton and Hove area, you may be able to access either the West Sussex or East Sussex Substance Misuse Services.

West Sussex: Duty Number 07779 339954 (Mon – Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm)

East Sussex: Duty Number 01323 464404 (Mon – Fri 8.30am to 5.00pm)Under19’

If you live outside of Sussex then you can find your local substance misuse service by clicking here.

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