I have realised now because I can’t do any of that stuff, can’t go out drinking or taking drugs or anything, that there is other ways of coping.  You don’t have to go out and do that stuff.  You don’t have to do that; there are other ways of coping.  I feel so much better, because cocaine is just a buzz you get at the time of using it, and it makes you feel bad afterwards, and when you think back about that you don’t really enjoy doing it.  (Louise, 19)

louise 19 yrs

If you’re pregnant and if you (or your partner, friends or family) are using drugs, alcohol, or legal highs you’re probably worried about how this could affect you and your baby.

Unborn babies get their food and oxygen through their mother’s bloodstream, so whatever a mother eats, drinks, breathes or takes will also be taken in by the baby.

Click here for information about drugs, alcohol and pregnancy.

Click here for information about smoking and pregnancy.

Pregnancy services in Brighton and Hove:

Mitch Denny is the Teenage Pregnancy Midwife – she can be contacted on 07876357443 or by emailing

For help with anything to do with school, contact Anne Henderson, the Teenage Pregnancy Reintegration Officer. You can ring her on 01273 293577 or email

If you’re aged 16 -19 and want support with education, employment or training, contact Celia Putnam, the Teenage Pregnancy Connexions Personal Advisor on 01273 725340 or email

If you’re a young dad you can also get support: Katherine Rowland is the central Brighton Fathers Involvement Worker (01273 294111; or Paul Salvage is the Fathers Involvement Worker in East Brighton (07974 024264;

Other Information

Immunisation – Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) – see this link The Facts

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