Core Message

Brighton & Hove City Council, in consultation with young people and in line with guidance and recent research, has developed a set of core messages to inform discussions with young people about drugs and alcohol. As part of the strategy to tackle substance misuse amongst young people, Children’s Services have produced Substance Misuse Guidance – General Information for Practitioners. Please click the link for the Core Messages.

‘Legal Highs’ paper from The Drug Education Forum, 24.04.2012, for those involved in drug education or informal drug prevention. Click here.

Click this link for Guidance on the Clinical Management of Acute and Chronic Harms of Club Drugs and Novel Psychoactive Substances, March 2015


Substance Misuse Information General Guidance for Practitioners

This document provides information for Brighton & Hove Children and Families & partner agencies who work with young people in both informal and formal education settings.  It sits alongside the existing local Drug & Alcohol Education Guidance for Schools (BHCC 2002) and contains important information about early assessment, screening and referral pathways for vulnerable young people. Click here.

Guidance for Social Workers

There is specific guidance for social workers on substance misuse screening, referrals and interventions and recording on Care First. To view this guidance please click here.

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