screening tools

The aim of the Substance Misuse Screening Tool is simply to help you to decide what to do next if you have concerns about a young person’s substance use.

There are three age-specific versions. Download the version relevant to the young person’s age by right-clicking over the link below and selecting ‘save target as’ / ‘save link as’. Complete the tool and follow the instructions written on it. Then undertake the intervention that the tool indicates.

Substance Misuse Screening Tool – under 13 yrs
Substance Misuse Screening Tool – 13-15 yrs
Substance Misuse Screening Tool – 16-17 yrs

If you are unsure how to proceed, or you need any assistance in using the tool, please contact ru-ok YPSMS on 01273 293966.

Unfortunately, ru-ok YPSMS can no longer work with young people after their 18th birthday. Young people aged 18+ should be referred to Pavilions.





  • The tool can be used by individual practitioners, or teams of practitioners
  • The tool can be used with or without the young person being present
  • Start with where the young person is at – you don’t need to ‘tick-off’ all of the substances like a checklist!
  • The tool may indicate that the current level of use is low but risk factors for use/or other difficulties arising in the future are high. A multi agency care plan around other presenting issues may then need to be drawn up.
  • In multi agency working it needs to be clearly agreed who will take the lead on the assessment